Customs Broker & Freight Forwarder

SECAM INTERNATIONAL is a customs broker and an international freight forwarder since 1985.

We handle the complete supervision of the movement of your goods, irrespective of the mode of transport (air, sea, land). We also provide customs clearance, distribution and storage services.

From the time of accepting delivery of the goods to the transportation to their final destination, you can count on us for the real-time tracking and progress of your order or of your delivery.

We also offer a cross-border road transportation service to and from the United States and Mexico. In this regard, we work in partnership with a network of carriers covering the entire North American territory.

We will be your prime partner to ensure the efficiency of your supply chain and distribution system.

SECAM INTERNATIONAL provides a complete range of value for money services. We also offer customized solutions that best meet your needs.

Our company employs a team of skilled and experienced professionals. Thanks to their expertise and professionalism, they are able to respond effectively to your requests and bring you entire satisfaction.

Head office

2728 Étienne Lenoir (Autoroute 13) Laval, QC H7R 0A3

Téléphone : 450-622-2221 / 800-26-SECAM

Télécopieur : 450-622-8887 / 800-63-SECAM

Courriel :